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G711 Wisdom Mall was developed in response to "Belt and Road ", but also to meet the market demand to build a public authority online platform. G711 Wisdom Mall will work through third party authority to verify the integrity of the enterprise, such as: SGS, Food Safety Administration, Food Media Magazines, Trade Unions, Lawyers, and Professional Associations. This should be conducted with a high degree of Transparency, Fairness and Openness, when communicating with consumers. Authenticity in G711 Wisdom Mall advertising is paramount so we can attract consumers to enjoy internet commerce for the purchase of goods and service with ease and accompanied by a 100% satisfaction guarantee!



"Enjoy G711,The Best and Convenience"


Company Aim:

To create a convenient online financial platform to provide easy access for consumers to provide for their basic necessities.



1. Full range of services, delivered 24 hours in secure and efficient environment

2. Strict quality control to ensure only the best quality products are provided for our consumers

3. Correspondent assessment agencies, industry associations, the bar association and other authorities will be carefully chosen to raise the profile and credibility of the firm

4. G711 Wisdom Mall will provide both financial management consultation and financial services in a convenient and efficient environment to provide higher level of comfort for our consumers

5. G711 Wisdom Mall will provide live tutorials while you shopping and banking activities. G711 also to provide further insight into the Stock, Futures, Foreign Exchange Markets to enhance the users' level of knowlede and competency to raise possibility for profit and growth

6. G711 Wisdom Mall is the third party certifying platform contains the basic necessities of life, as well as financial knowledge, tutorials for consumers to enjoy in a safe and convenient environment of buying!



G711 Wisdom Mall is committed to doing the best to become a Fair, Impartial, Authoritative, Highly Credible international network service platform to the customers;


Attract Investment:

G711 Wisdom Mall will introduce third party verification platform: ISO China quality certification, SGS certification inspection agency, Chinese Food Safety Bureau certification, so as to enhance the corporate image and credibility of the business enterprise. We will also attract investment through magazine advertising, the Internet, China Eastern Airlines, celebrity endorsements etc., in order to push the platform to the pinnacle of the industry.


After Sale Service:

90 domestic IT professionals and 60 foreign high-end technical personnel will provide 24 hours on-call service to support the network platform for maintenance and updates.

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