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 Our Corporate Culture:


Company Culture




Practical, Assertive, Innovative, Service Oriented, Industry Authority



Build up China's most authoritative media marketing services platform.

To become the world's leading internet servicing platform in our market space.



To increase the share price of the company by delivering on our value-proposition by producing results for our clients.


Our Management Concept:-


To create and develop an online platrom leveraging the talent of the most professional team that we can assemble. We will design and develop a platform with the intention of providing a modern online presence that meets the needs for our clients, investors and employees, alike. In addition to this , we will provide an infrastructure that will open access to financial support for the individuals and business who work with us as their service provider. In this way, we will assist our clients and businesses to realize the gains that this industrial and technological transformation has to offer. Though our pilot project will be conducted in Shanghai, Hangzhou and Wuhan - the long term goal is to expand the business across the country incrementally and eventually beyond our borders.


Our Management Philosophy:_

Remain Ambitious, Remain Down-to-Earth


We will actively build a business culture that is sincere, ambitious and down to earth - to encourage innovation among our executive team as industry thought-leaders. This will help us deliver on our value proposition so that our clients can grow alongside us!


Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, Talent Retention:-


We recognize the importance the importance of people - and our employees is where it needs to begin. The must feel recognized and valued to perform at their best. This will be our corporate culture. Our reputation will be enhanced which will result with the best talent wanting to join and remain with our firm. This is a must in the new era of employee acquistion, development and retention. If we can maintain this corporate culture, our team will give us their best effort which will filter down to our investors, shareholders and clients. We will have a healthy work environment that promotes innovation, loyalty, hard work and harmony!

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