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Star Enterprise Case
案例名称: EVI Global Group
说明: EVi Global Group Developments Corp, (EVi Group), is a global capital investment and asset management company. We have independently running offices in Asia, Europe and North America. Our operations may be classified into three functions:1.Capital Investment; 2.Trust Fund; 3.Asset Management Operation. EVi Group uses a robust risk control analysis model to produce in-depth market investigation for making professional investment decisions. In 2016, EVi Global Group Developments Corp. officially listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (Symbol: EVI). Our areas of specialization & development include:- Finance, Mining, e-Commerce ,Professional Training, and Distance Learning.
案例名称: Inkever Technology
说明: Trading Platform, Foreign Exchange, Finance, Stock and Security
说明: EViTRADE is a provider of financial products transactions for global retail and institutional investors in the professional platform, belonging to the Canadian listed company EasiRemit global group (EVi Global Group Developments Corp.) Holdings management; EasiRemit Global Group - EVi Global Group Developments Corp. (Headquarters) in June 2016 listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange Commission No. Canada. EVI (CSE Listed Code: EVI.); group in finance, mining, Internet as the main business development.
案例名称: Leading Tutor College
说明: Vocational Training, Technical Training
案例名称: Wenno
说明: 2017 Q Mark popular brand award.
案例名称: Enzyme Factory Global
说明: 常纤奇妙酵素(统一零售价):598元欣益酵素(统一零售价):398元丝蜜酵素(统一零售价):698元三合一美妍素(统一零售价):880元雅玲妹妹(统一零售价):298元联系人:陈先生(15821292069)
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