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Wuchang Rice
Date: 2016-10-09
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Wuchang Rice

Wuchang Rice

Wuchang Rice

Wuchang rice in the end good?

Do Steamed Rice life to share the full particles, hard texture, color clean through rice shiny, rich flavor, known as "Gongmi" "Wuchang rice. By the unique geographical region, climate and other factors, the dry matter accumulation, moderate amylose content, high amylopectin content. Due to ripening stage. From the temperature difference is big, the accumulation of double chain sugar instant rice, on human health is very appropriate.

1、Geographical advantages

Wuchang City is located in the south of Heilongjiang Province, belonging to the temperate continental climate, frost free period of 140 days, the average annual rainfall of 608 mm, annual sunshine 2629 hours. Wuchang rice area is one of the three mountains, the opening towards the west of the basin, the southeastern mountains in the southeast and West Songnen plain warm directly entered the basin maneuver. Xi Lang River, lalinhe River, mangniu river system. Heguan wear throughout, abundant sunshine, natural river water for irrigation, planting a long maturity and quality of late maturing varieties of rice, the characteristics of Wuchang rice out of the ordinary.

2、Sunshine temperature

Base is located at 44 degrees north latitude 46, longitude 127 degrees 35, belonging to the temperate continental climate, the annual average temperature of 3.5 degrees Celsius, accumulated temperature of 700 DEG C, and difference of mean difference of 13 DEG C, 5 higher than in the same latitude degrees, the maximum height of 20 DEG C

The average frost free period of 115 days to 139 days, the rice filling to 8,9 two months of maturity.

3、Base soil

Eat Wuchang rice ecological net average thickness area of black soil zone soil 2m, soil organic matter was higher than 10%, fertile soil, loose, more organic matter content in the soil, cold black natural insecticide, breeds Wuchang acres of farmland.

4、Base water

Longfeng Mountain water natural flow field in flood, the water contains trace elements and minerals, rich river torrents, natural water arranged in a crisscross pattern, a good network of irrigation Wuchang rice area ecological million mu of paddy field.

5、Processing technology

The use of cleaning, husking, milling, rice grading, packing, or polishing or color.

In addition to adding water that meets the requirements of GB5749, no added substance is added to the rice processing

6、 Seed selection

Wuchang rice in the selection of very strict, after the production of good quality as a seed, so the Wuchang rice, its quality is excellent, rice grain uniform, bright color, mellow long, fragrant overflow

7、 Sensory indicators

Due to the inherent Wuchang rice smell, no smell of rice. Transparent or translucent, color white glossy. Cooking should have unique rice flavor, including surface gloss. Taste soft and slightly sticky, slightly sweet, slightly toughness, cooling can still maintain good taste.

8、 The original ecological containing rice

The original ecological Wuchang rice contains rich content of selenium, selenium mainly exists in natural food, is an essential trace element, one of the most powerful antioxidant in organisms, can eliminate free radicals, improve human immunity, anti-aging, prevention of diabetes and other diseases.

How does Heilongjiang strengthen the marketing and protection of Wuchang rice?

Stressed that the strengthening of the five regular rice marketing and protection work, we must do the following four points:

First、We need the real Wuchang rice full display to the market and consumers, so that consumers can through the channel identification and convenience to buy real Wuchang rice; Two、 In the Heilongjiang area resolutely destroyed counterfeit products, blow together found together; three is to exist or to outside the circulation of counterfeit products to control and combat with brothers municipal law enforcement forces have a greater intensity. At present, we should focus on the following tasks: one is to have the Wuchang Wuchang municipal government and geographical indication brand of all rice brand showcase in Wuchang municipal government official website prominently. To be able to show the true system of Wuchang rice industry chain traceability system. Including the planting area distribution, distribution and processing enterprises connected with the planting area, an important link path connected with the terminal sales market. The display system to dynamically record The transaction behavior, accepts the consumer on-line inquiry and the surveillance

Two, our province is to resolutely combat areas of counterfeit products, especially rice shipped to other parts of the province Wuchang processing after posing as Wuchang rice. Harbin municipal government to the existing rice processing enterprises, Wuchang agricultural cooperatives, farmers to conduct a full in-depth ideological mobilization, aiming at Wuchang Rice processing enterprises have 5 million 600 thousand tons of processing capacity, much Higher than the local Wuchang City of 714 thousand tons of rice production, to tell you clearly The government on the autonomy of enterprise management is the freedom of choice in Wuchang rice processing in other places in the full right to respect, but also clearly under the condition of market economy, product value source, to clear the field of rice shipped to illegal the nature of Wuchang processing after posing as the Wuchang rice geographical indications and brands as well as the government determined to fight against counterfeit products. Who found counterfeit Wuchang rice products in the province, according to Territoriality principle by Wuchang City, Harbin and provincial industry and commerce, quality supervision, public security departments with the most stringent administrative law enforcement efforts to crack down, focus on striking a number of exposure, deter illegal action

Three、Is the emergence of counterfeit rice products outside the province, by the relevant departments of the province will be clues to provide functional coordination in the region's processing

Four、The brand is a good reputation of the Wuchang rice production and processing enterprises, in the province and outside the media to focus on display, so that the real "Wuchang rice" sold nationwide

Weapon: how to buy high-quality pure Wuchang rice?

Combined with the research results of small, simple identification methods introduce pure Wuchang Daohuaxiang rice.

1、Look at the label

The bag execution standard for GB/T 19266, the origin of "Wuchang", and with "the protection of geographical indications products People's Republic of China Wuchang rice" logo products by the state quality inspection administration authority and in accordance with the requirements of the national standard of Wuchang rice, the quality of its products is relatively more secure.

2、Than appearance

The hand picked up a handful of rice, were observed in different grain types of rice (there should not be any different as grain rice), there are many different grain type rice product purity is not high. This method can distinguish Daohuaxiang and a few years ago for doping Suijing 4 and Xiang Long grain varieties, but unable to distinguish in recent years for doping of Dongnong 425 and 639 varieties.

High purity Daohuaxiang rice

Doped Daohuaxiang rice

Respectively from left to right: Thailand jasmine rice, five rice and 4, Dongnong 425 (rice), 639 (rice), Xiang Long grain, Suijing 4

3、Smell the aroma

Daohuaxiang rice open the bag exudes natural fragrance, aroma similar to Thai fragrant rice, open the bag for a period of time after the aroma gradually disappear. Methods to judge whether the human essence is to add rice in rice and insert the hand back and forth to rub out if the hands still remain strong aroma, may be added flavor.


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