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Private Studio
Date: 2017-07-06
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Private Recording Studio:-
Unique Point
Recording Studio is an open platform for its own entertainment, breaking the current KTV/ sing a song business model. A collection of singing, professional recording, games, social entertainment and other functions in one of the self-service entertainment equipment。

AKG top Microphone
Independent luxury karaoke
Interactive Entertainment APP
Private Exclusive Area 
Top exclusive VOD singing system
Private exclusive karaoke
Gorgeous Four Screen Configuration
Professional Grade Genuine AKG Hardware Configuration
Social Network Information Platform 
Multi -Platform Operation Management
Shared Enterprise Profit Model

Private Studio
Luyinpeng Song Flow Process:
1、Users only need to use WeChat scan code to log in service number
2、Optional WeChat or coin payment then starting recording
3、After your singing , the recording will be automatically open to the studio public
4、User interaction in the circle of friends sharing
Private Studio

Private Studio

Premium Hardware
Independent air conditioning:

Independent air conditioning of each recorded karaoke set, convenient for businesses. The outlook design fulfill the National 3C.
Smart card, modular design, combined the LED lighting system, and other high-end style KTV song.
Sing is recorded. The configuration of professional experience indicates that sound design, in order to achieve the best sound effects., and recorded the shadow. The construction of intelligent control center, the future can realize lighting, air conditioning and a two-dimensional code control switch door and a series of intelligent control
Hardware Parameters:

One set machine space:

Daily Electric Consumption:
About 2000W/ for 2 units (including air conditioning)

Private Studio
Gorgeous multi screen touch tyrant enjoy:
There are four recorded shade screen; a main song MV, a touch control of your music song
One realizes the independent tuning, the external display screen plays the related area holiday promotion advertisement, lets the use for the family kill the waiting time.
Perfect sound quality, achieve independent tuning:

The first exclusive independent tuning system with touch screen, can according to the preferences to achieve self adjustment, and can save effect, let singing crazy can have a most beautiful voice.

Private Studio
The top AKG microphone configuration professional earphone , sound recording and sound recording, enjoy higher level singing environment , more customizable to meet the needs of businesses, the free selection of AKG capacitor or dynamic microphone. A switch attenuator can withstand up to 150dB, the sound pressure level input.
Detail Specification:
20 - 20000 Hz
Audio frequency range:
20 - 20000 Hz

mV Pa : 24 mV/Pa
Flexibility Ratio:-
mV Pa: 24 mV/Pa

Private Studio

AKG have a fever level stereo earphones, and take microphone with a seamless heavenly robe semi open design, with clothing comfort. A large diaphragm unit to bring higher sensitivity. Louder range headphone advanced customization, ear pads and a top frame with leather material, increase wearing comfort.
Advanced KTV System:
The four track lossless accompaniment singing guide synthesis system, recording quality leading the same field recorded very honored and China original record cooperation, the top China VOD system, the most comprehensive library music store! By the configuration of the four shade guide rail singing, voice recording and storing the later song accompaniment to separate tuning. The quality is reached to the professional audio recording songs series.
Exclusive Social Platform:
The social network information platform with its own R & D shed APP platform, to provide users with the latest official news, such as the singing competition news, area charts, popular songs. Through mobile phone positioning, automatic locate and search surrounding the recent record arbours use state.
The first platform karaoke song, interface is updated every day, the topic will be the hottest new songs for the first time pushed to the user, hi new songs every day!
Platform have a game of Red Packets
Karaoke song in addition to virtual user interaction, provide more money back on arbours! Recorded each time the user is in the shade song has the opportunity to receive red packets. Wechat VOD send red packets!
Track the latest trends in music
Everyone in the original music library is a singer
APP platform to build the first original music library, with the home through the relevant page can be recorded to upload work platform. Hear the original music, how can not praise? We can give praise or praise through APP tucao!

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