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Multiple young entertainment see how fun new kitchen electric enterprises marketing

日期: 2017-08-08
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 Kitchen electric industry development so far, whether it is the first price competition or today's brand competition and service quality competition, the market competition is already intensified. In Internet plus driving under the kitchen electric enterprises are now gradually marketing also has a new play, the industry will summarize the diversification. Young and entertainment three characteristics.

Multi Platform Marketing Diversification
In the kitchen electric industry, the old-fashioned and traditional marketing also has focused on the promotion of the ground: single page issue, promotional activities, into the area, to join the roadshow. Later evolved into high altitude, television, advertising promotion to more stereo, and the Internet, let kitchen electric companies have more choices, more varieties of platform, in addition to the cloud business platform construction, and build the ecosystem fans economy appeared, such as kitchen electric enterprises have opened micro-blog, WeChat from the media platform, through the transfer of brand concept, product value to gather fans, cultivate loyal consumers.

Then, Internet plus the concept of practical reasoning and, now let us begin to pay more attention to the scene of the interactive experience, focus on building, so promotion platform as well as the boss kitchen source culture museum, FOTILE home life scene of store experience exploration made o2o closed loop, in the past one or two years in and the emergence of newer social games, such as broadcast.

As a typical electric kitchen beauty, for the first time last year in the pepper platform to try to live, live online using a mobile phone to invite Xiong Dailin to the way to interact with the fans, and the promotion of signature with a hood, on the same day to achieve the total online watch number exceeded 3 million people, the conversion of Jingdong and Ali electronic business platform sales of more than 11 million yuan, set off a new outlet in home appliance industry scene marketing.

Although the actual net red powder to live, kitchen electric companies leveraging the form can benefit much, still can make nothing of it. But the kitchen electric enterprises, is still actively try a brand rejuvenation, close to young users the opportunity for young people, and happy to play together, in essence, this is all around in the interactive platform to strengthen and enhance user stickiness, and fans, fans to build ecosystem.

Diversified promotion platform to create a new polymerization fans economy, is enough to make people look forward to the next 3-5 years, big data is more accurate, user distance closer to the ecological, more open, more innovation driven era of rapid, kitchen electric enterprises will closely follow the trend which injected new elements in the platform the strategy.

Cross Border Entertainment to Cater to Young Consumer Groups
On the one hand is the platform of multiple-choice questions, on the other hand, with the tide of the Internet era of consumer upgrades, also for the kitchen electric enterprises in the marketing promotion to the entertainment of cross-border restructuring provide thrust, compose a copious and fluent interesting proposition.

As you can see, the Internet makes kitchen electrical products form, sales channels, business and profit model changes, including the popular in the Internet context of entertainment marketing is rapidly applied to the kitchen area, after all, this change is mainly trying to please the young consumer groups, this group of consumers get more eyes and psychological identity.

In fact, from the perspective of marketing, promotion is for sales and service, all communication value is through communication, allow enterprises to target consumers brand marks, in order to touch their consumption behavior. Both the diversified marketing channels, or the promotion of entertainment, young, kitchen electric companies are closer to young consumers and the distance of the brand promotion, precision marketing behavior of portraits of the fans, or will power the kitchen electric enterprises to better development and management.


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